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Hunt Group

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Hunt Group

Hunt Group allows you to distribute phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of up to 10 phone lines. The call will ring according to the order you set up the numbers. When enabled Hunt disables Voicemail, disabled higher order call flow priority features ensuring the nominated hunt group line is always available. Hunt Group has now also been enabled by default on Simultaneous Ring.

  1. Select Switchboard > Select number.

  2. Select Inbound > Hunt Group

  3. Click Save to update settings.


Time Out: Each number can have its own timeout before moving on to the next number. The default is 10 seconds timeout for each number.

Hunt Start: defined in seconds

On Number, select the number you would like to be in the group.

On Hunt next in, enter the seconds that the call will trigger for that next number.

To set up another number, just click on +Add.

Note: The numbers will always be called in sequential order, so set up your Hunt Group numbers in the order of priority you want the calls to be answered.

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