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Adding Numbers

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Adding Numbers

All your call flows start with your phone numbers, whether a simple phone line with no functionality to a sophisticated call route with Auto Attendant, Call Queue and after hours time schedules for weekends and pubic holidays.

  1. Go to Switchboard Select > Add Number.

  2. Select Area Code > Choose a number.

  3. On the Number Type field, choose Voice / Fax / MS Teams.

  4. On the Plan field, Select a available Plan.

  5. Click on Add to save settings and add the chosen number to your account.

Note: The number will be charged to your account accordingly to the Plan you have chosen.

  • Porting: Numbers ported in automatically will appear in Switchboard and do not need to be added using the Add Numbers feature.

  • Access type: Once you have numbers on your account grant team members either account Admin access or restricted User access to the number only.

  • Feature lines: are line extensions that can make outbounds but are not reachable over the PSTN. The feature lines are a cost effective mechanism to extending more sophisticated call routing functionality to SImRing, Call Forwarding, Call Queuing and even after hours options greeting options for holiday hours for example.


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