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Yealink IP Phone Expansion Models

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Yealink IP Phone Expansion Models

The Yealink EXP40 is ideal for receptionists, administrative assistants, call center agents, and power-users who need to monitor and manage a large volume of calls on a regular basis. The Yealink Expansion modules are virtually plug-and-play for anyone familiar with the Yealink phones.

The EXP40 is designed to work with the Yealink SIP-T46S, T46G, T48S, and T48G IP phones with each EXP40 expansion module providing 20 physical keys with dual-color LEDs and two display pages, supporting a total of 40 keys.

You can also daisy-chain up to six additional modules to a single T48S/T48G/T46S/T46G host phone, offering a maximum of 240 Ext keys per phone.

  • Connecting cord: Using the supplied connecting cord plug one end into the Ext jack on the rear of your Yealink handset with the other end Connect the Ext jack on the host phone and the “Ext in” jack on the expansion module.

  • Power: Power is automatically transferred from the host phone to the expansion module(s) upon connection. If you want to use more than two expansion modules on a single phone, you need to connect an additional power adapter to anyone of the expansion modules.

  • Mounting: We normally attach the Yealink stand to hold the unit but you can also optionally hard bolt the expansion module to the phone using the supplied mounting kit and bolts.

  • DSS Keys: Once the lights on the module appear, go to the phone's web UI then navigate to the Dsskey menu. The right side Ext Key will now display the first expansion module.


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