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Yealink Diagnostics

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Yealink Diagnostics

Yealink provides two diagnostic tools to help our support team diagnose connectivity issues within your network alocal log and b) Syslog which conveniently writes directly back to our network.)


Quick Guide

Step 1: Browse to Phones Web UI

  1. Phones web UI: to access the phone's web UI press the OK button (on the right of the keypad) to retrieve the phone's IP address.

  2. Enter the IP address in your browser (eg 192.168.1.xx).

  3. UserName and Password: Admin- admin, Password- admin.

  4. Click Confirm.

Step 2: Export Local Log

  1. Select Settings tab >> Configuration

  2. Export System Log: Set the Local log level to 6 -> reboot the phone

  3. Pcap Feature: Start to capture the Trace -> reproduce your issue -> stop capturing the Trace -> Export PCAP Trace

  4. Export or Import Configuration: Export config.bin

  5. Email Download files to our support site.

Step 3: Syslog

  1. Select Settings tab >> Configuration

  2. Enable Syslog

  3. Syslog server: | Port 514

  4. Transport Type: UDP

  5. Select Confirm

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