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Video Conference

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Video Conference


Our web application offers a video conferencing service, enabling you to conduct meetings with individuals either within your company's directory or external contacts.

To initiate a video conference with individuals outside your company:

  1. Log in to the app.

  2. Navigate to the main page and click on the video conference button.

  3. In the dialogue box, copy the generated meeting room link to share as needed.

  4. Alternatively, share the link via email using various platforms such as your default mail, Google, Outlook, or Yahoo!

  5. Alternatively, add to the calendar via email using Google or Outlook Calendar.

To start a Video Conference with contacts from your directory:

  1. Access the sidebar.

  2. Select your desired directory contact or group.

  3. Once on the chat page, click on the video conference button to send a meeting invite.

Presence for Video Conference

The Presence for Video Conference feature allows you to check the availability status of your contacts in the directory, specifically indicating when they are in a meeting.

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