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SMS Messaging

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SMS Messaging

We support SMS through our Mobile and Desktop Apps.

How to set up Trunking

  1. Select Switchboard > Select number.

  2. Select Preferences > Message

  3. Set your Inbound Trunking Pilot Number.

  4. Click Save to update your settings.

SMS Messaging

The Campaign Registry

Unwanted SPAM SMS with no opt-out capability was eroding the value of SMS. In response, lead by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile enforced by the FCC unsolicited or SMS spam, now risk heavy fines.

Under the new rules, SMS is now viewed as a campaign which approval must be sort from the Campaign Registry. To minimize the cost on companies that rely on SMS for lower volume SMS communication, we can apply to The Campaign Registry, which will normally grant access to your phone numbers in one day.

As an SMS carrier 2talk, on behalf of its customers applies to the Campaign Registry carrier makes an application on behalf of you, our customer to register an SMS campaign to the Campaign Registry.

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