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PIN Code

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PIN Code

To prevent unauthorized outbound calls from being placed for overseas or expensive overseas destinations, you can add an Authorization PIN Code to your number. With a PIN code in place, only those who know this can make outbound calls to the destinations constrained by your seeings. 

This PIN code 
must be dialed before the call is placed. It’s simple to set up.

How to set up a PIN code to prevent expensive calls from your phone:

  1. Select Switchboard > Select number requiring a PIN code.

  2. Select Outbound > PIN Code.

  3. Select the Call Type which requires the PIN code. The call types available for you to use are: All calls, Toll-Free only, International calls only, and Expensive International calls only.

  4. Enter your four (4) digit PIN Code.

  5. Click Save to update settings.


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