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Manually Provision a Yealink phone

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Manually Provision a Yealink phone

  1. Phone’s web UI: to access the phone’s web UI press the OK button (on the right of the keypad) to retrieve the phone’s IP address.

  2. Enter the IP address on your browser (eg 192.168.1.xx).

  3. Username and Password: admin/admin.

  4. Click Confirm.

Account Tab

  1. Select the Account tab. (or another unused account if Account 1 is in use).

  2. Account Active: Enable

  3. Label: Your Name

  4. Display Name: Displays on your telephone phone screen when idle.

  5. Register Name: Full DID eg 13106341780

  6. User Name: Full DID eg 13106341780

  7. Password: account password or the restricted line password – can be found on your account’s switchboard.

  8. SIP Server:

  9. Port: 5061

  10. Transport: TLS

  11. Confirm: to Save


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