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Grandstream GXW 450x

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Grandstream GXW 450x

While Grandstream's GXW gateways don't natively support zero-touch provisioning, we can still easily configure them remotely to connect to our 2talk VoIP service.

The provisioning process is simple.

  • Before shipping the gateway, we will pre-configure it with basic IP routing, just enough to get it online.

  • After unboxing, you simply need to connect the WAN port to your internet access. The WAN lamp will light up to confirm connectivity.

The full configuration is a quick two-step process.

  • Once the gateway comes online, we will remotely access it to complete the setup. This takes about 15 minutes.

  • By default, the GXW requires setting 9 as the outbound dial prefix. You can change this to anything except 1, which the GXW reserves for inbound calls.

  • After configuration, just connect the T1 crossover cable between the gateway's E1/T1 port and the corresponding T1 port on your PBX. The GXW's front panel will light green to confirm the T1 connection.

We will test inbound and outbound calling to ensure everything is working properly. The whole process from start to finish takes about 15 minutes if all goes smoothly.

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