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Your all-in-one solution for seamless communication.

Introducing the 2talk UCaaS Web App. Say goodbye to desk phones and multiple apps, and say hello to effortless connectivity online. With the Web App, you can start making and receiving calls immediately, all through your 2talk account. Plus, enjoy two exciting new features – online messaging and video – that make collaborating with your team more efficient than ever before. Get ready to experience a smarter, simpler way to communicate with the 2talk UCaaS Web App.




Get Started with 2talk's UCaaS Web Application in 3 Simple Steps:

  Take advantage of 2talk’s UCaaS Web Application by following these three simple steps. By completing your profile, choosing your numbers, and inviting your team members, you’ll be well on your way to a more productive and streamlined work experience. Try it out now and see how easy it is to stay connected with your team!


1. Complete your profile.

When you first log in to our UCaaS Web App, make sure to complete your profile. By doing so, you’ll make it easier for your team members to find you and improve collaboration. By adding your job title and profile picture, you can make a stronger connection with your team and project a professional image. Completing your profile is crucial to improving your team’s experience.


2. Choose your number.

To make and receive calls using our Web App, you’ll need to select which numbers you want to use. With 2talk’s UCaaS Web Application, you have the flexibility to choose from all the numbers available on your account. However, make sure you set up your account with the right numbers before logging in for the first time.


3. Invite other team members.

Make the most out of our Web App by inviting your team members. Just enter their names and email addresses, and select a number (or don’t). Once they log in and set up their accounts, you can view their profiles and quickly message or invite them to video meetings. This feature enhances team communication and ensures everyone is on the same page and helps you stay connected and collaborate seamlessly.




Mobile App


Experience ultimate mobility.

Take your numbers everywhere with you, and stay effortlessly connected to your business, whether you’re on the go or managing multiple locations. Seamlessly integrated with your phone contacts, making and receiving calls from anywhere has never been easier. With our innovative battery-saving technology, never again worry about running out of juice during important calls. 


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