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Call Forwarding

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Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to seamlessly redirect incoming calls to any mobile, home office, or feature number.

Use Time schedules to give you more flexibility, for example, forwarding straight to your mobile during the day with an after-hours forward to your after-hours voicemail box.

  1. Select Inbound > Forwarding

  2. Set your Call Forwarding preferences including numbers and time schedules.

  3. Click Save to update your settings.



Call forwarding rules

You can choose to have a general call forwarding ruleset to be followed in all situations. Or, if you select only for special cases different rulesets can be created for when you don’t answer, when your phone is offline, and when you are on a call.)

  • Always: Choose when you want to call forwarding to be always active.

  • When unavailable: Choose whether to send any calls received whilst offline or unavailable to your voicemail or to another phone number/ user or group.

  • When busy: Here you can choose how long the call will wait for you to be finished with the call you are currently making and whether to send the call to your voicemail or to another phone number/user or group.

  • When offline: Choose whether to send any calls received whilst offline or unavailable to your voicemail or to another phone number/ user or group.

  • Turn off for now: Turn off the Call Diversion option.

Note: Different rulesets are set in the following priority: 1. Always 2.  Busy/Unavailable 3. Offline


Geographical Forwarding

When you enable the Geographical Forwarding feature, every time you receive calls from a specified area, the calls will be forwarded to the chosen phone number.

It is an extremely useful feature when for example, the company operates in New York and in California and you have one main phone number. In this case, you can set incoming calls from NY to be forwarded to a specified number during your after-hours schedule.


Enable Geographical Forwarding

  1. Select an Area.

  2. Select the number you wish to have those calls forwarded to.

  3. Select in which time schedule this forwarding will be activated.


After-Hours Voicemail

Use the Forward when unavailable to set up a separate after-hours voicemail message.

  1. Set the Forward to “When unavailable” to a features number that has the after-hours voicemail setting on.

  2. Define your unavailable hours under the time schedule setting (this can be located by selecting “Preferences”, under Switchboard, and toggling Time Schedules to nominate your desired time schedules).

  3. Click Save to update your settings.

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