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Connecting a VoIP Handset

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Connecting a VoIP Handset

Handsets and Softphones are commonly referred to as “devices”. Within your account, there are a few fundamental rules regarding devices:

  • You can only have one device per number.

  • Any physical device (handset) must be IP telephony capable.

  • The device connects to a VoIP domain (proxy) which sends and receives your calls. You will find this address here.

  • Connecting your device is referred to as “provisioning”.

  • Auto device provisioning is supported for Yealink and Polycom. Config files for other IP devices may be available from your service provider.

This is how you connect your physical device to a number in your account.

Note, this is only for Yealink and Polycom phones.

  1. Once logged into your Account click Tools and select device provisioning.

  2. Select Add Device.

  3. Select the number to be connected to the device.

  4. Add the MAC address.

  5. Add the device name.

  6. Select the time zone.

  7. Save the information.

  8. Connect or restart your handset and the settings will be uploaded and you can now make and receive calls.

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