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Cisco SPA – Configuring your phone

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Cisco SPA – Configuring your phone

Quick Guide to Cisco SPA

Typical of any Cisco product there are a lot of moving pieces to the SPA family of phones, but the good news is once you’ve accessed the phone via its web UI following this guide they’re actually very simple to configure.

Cisco SPA Web UI

  • Retrieve the phones IP address > select the Settings button (page icon)

  • SPA504 select Settings | Network (9) >> Current IP.

  • SPA 525 select Settings | Status (10) | Network Status (2) >>IP Address .

  • Advanced settings: type admin/advanced after your IP address (eg to access admin mode.

Ext tabs

All the main settings required to configure the Cisco SPA’s are accessed within the Ext tabs. Complete:

  1. Proxy and Registration

  2. Subscriber information

  3. Reg without

  4. LineEnable: Yes

Additional Extensions

If you are not registering disable  4. above on Ext2, Ext3, Ext4.

Time Zones

  1. Type IP into browser followed by /admin/advanced (eg

  2. System | Optional Network Configuration | Primary NTP >>

Daylight Saving Time rules

  1. Type IP into browser followed by /admin/advanced (eg

  2. Regional | Miscellaneous >>Daylight Saving Time Rule: start=10/30/-7/2:0:0;end=4/1/7/2:0:0;­ ­ save=1

  3. Set time zone rule

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