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Caller ID & Privacy

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Caller ID & Privacy


Setting your Outbound Caller ID allows you to decide your privacy when making a call. When you set up one of the options for the Caller ID, you are choosing if your number shall be displayed, or remain anonymous.

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Select Switchboard.

  3. Select number.

  4. Select Outbound Caller ID & Privacy

  5. On Present, select one of the available options: 

    • A number on my account: This option provides you to call out with the caller ID of a number from your account. 

    • My number: This option provides you to call out with your number as the caller ID.

    • Block my number: This option provides you to call out with no caller ID, which means you will make anonymous outbound calls.

  6. Enable an Announcement that can be played back to you when you dial out using the shortcode keys *65 or *67. This is useful if you often switch between presenting your number and having your number remain anonymous (Optional). 

  7. Click Save to update settings.


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