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Call Recording and AI Transcription

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Call Recording and AI Transcription

Record both inbound and/or outbound audio, with post recording AI transcription.

  1. Select Switchboard > select Number.

  2. Select Advanced > Call Recording > Set Preferences

  3. SAVE

Call Recording Options

Record: Select which calls to record. You can select all or selected calls only. If you chose select calls you must insert the specific number to record.

Manual options: Allow this option if you wish to be able to use *3 during the call to NOT record it.

Directions: Select which direction to record calls: Record in both directions / Record only Outbound Calls / Record only Inbound Calls.

Email recording: This sends a copy to the email set on Personal Details.

Alternative email: Nominate an email address to send calls to – if different from the email in Personal Details.


AI Transcription

This feature enhances call management and analysis by providing accurate and accessible transcriptions of recorded calls.


 To access call transcriptions:

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Select Billing > Billing Records .

  3. Look for the call you wish to view the transcription for. Use the filters to help you find calls, then click on Search.

  4. Click on the Transcription icon associated with the specific call.  

  5. The transcription will be readily accessible, allowing you to review the call's content efficiently. 

Note: After you end a call, the transcriptions take around 10 minutes.



Call Recording must be used in a way that complies with local laws. Please advise the B party caller that Call Recording has been enabled on this account.

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