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Call Flow Priority

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Call Flow Priority

Understanding a Call Flow Priority is an important concept when configuring your CloudPBX call routing.

The Call Flow Priority is hierarchical structure, used to control the order calls are managed by our CloudPBX.

Let's take a look at what Call Flow Priority actually does.

  • Every inbound call “hits” your number.

  • The CloudPBX steps sequentially through each feature to determine if it can proceed to the next function.

  • Post Dialing: After a call is handled by an initial feature (instruction), the POST DIAL transfer to a second feature. For example Auto Attendant (IVR) can be configured to POST Dial to a Call Forward once it has played its message.

The Call Flow Priority rules are set in the following order:

  1. Call Rejection.

  2. Conference.

  3. Auto Attendant --> Call Forward --> Voicemail

  4. Agent Call Queuing --> Call Forward --> Voicemail

  5. Do Not Disturb--> Call Forward --> Voicemail

  6. Call Screening --> Call Forward --> Voicemail

  7. Call Forward --> Call Forward --> Voicemail

  8. Simultaneous Ring --> Call Forward --> Voicemail

  9. Hunt Groups --> Call Forward --> Voicemail

  10. Voicemail

  11. Timezones


CallFlowPriority.pngPost Dialing

  • Features 3 through 9 in the Call Flow Priority (Auto Attendant down to Hunt groups) can be configured to post-dial either the Call Forward or Voicemail after the incoming call has been received.

  • The Auto Attendant can be set up to post-dial any of the calling features below it which reflects the importance of the Auto Attendant as the primary incoming number calling feature.

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