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Bulk Edit Numbers

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Bulk Edit Numbers

Bulk edit is a handy feature when you want to configure or make changes to more than one number all at once.

From the main Switchboard table, you can select one or multiple numbers and update these all at once.

  1. Go to Switchboard.

  2. From the main table, click on the checkbox to select the numbers to edit. Note, the numbers must all be the same type, eg Voice.

  3. Click on Actions > Edit Settings.


bulk edit numbhers.png

You will see the same available settings as with an individual number, however, you will see "various" entered where there are individual settings. You can override some of these settings to enable a new global setting however some you can't, for example, you can't change the Number.

bulk.pngMake your changes to all numbers, and remember you will need to click Save for each new setting.

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