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Bria Softphone Configuration

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Bria Softphone Configuration

Whilst we recommend using our own 2talk softphone which you can download from your favorite app store, your 2talk numbers can also be set up on other softphone platforms.

Bria Solo

To use your 2talk number with Bria you must first have an active Bria account.

  1. Create an account at

  2. Select Bria Solo.

  3. Provide your sign up details.

  4. Click Configure SIP Settings.

  5. Username: phone number.

  6. Password: [your phone number’s password, which can be found on your 2talk Switchboard].


  8. Topology: Firewall > None

  9. Reregister Settings: Reduce Reregister from 3600 —> 180

  10. Download the app according to your operating system.

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