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Active Calls Controls

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Active Calls Controls

The Web App is your partner for seamless call management. We've got a host of controls and features to enhance your calling experience.

Let's dive into how you can start making calls:

Number Registration Status

Check the registration status indicator located on the Phone button:

Green: All your active numbers are successfully registered.

Yellow: Some of your active numbers are not successfully registered. Simply hover over the indicator to view a tooltip detailing which numbers are active and not registered.

Red: All your active numbers are unregistered.

By clicking on the status indicator, you can quickly access the Number Settings, where you can manage the registration status of your numbers.

Call from Keypad

  1. Log into your account.

  2. First, check if you have a registered number: access Menu Settings > Settings > Phone. Active should be toggled on your number.

  3. On the Main Page, click on the Phone button, in the upper right corner.

  4. On the Keypad, dial or type the number you wish to call. You can also use the Search tool to search contacts.

  5. Click on the green phone button to start the outbound call.

  6. The outbound call should start.

  7. To finish the call, click on the red phone button.


Call from Chat Page

Additionally, you can easily connect with someone by navigating to their chat page. Here's a simple guide to initiating calls from the chat page:

  1. Go to the Directory page on the left menu.

  2. Choose the contact you would like to call. Click on it to go to the Chat Page.

  3. On the header of the Chat Page, click on the "Call" button.

  4. The outbound call should start.

  5. To finish the call, click on the red phone button.


Explore Call Management Controls

Now that you learned how to start calls, get to know how to use the controls to manage your calls:

Mute Calls

Learn how to mute your call while it's active.

Remember, you'll still be able to hear the other person, but they won't hear you.

  1. While on an active call, click on the Microphone Icon to mute the call.

  2. To reactivate your microphone, simply click the Microphone Icon once more.


 Hold Calls

Place an active call on hold.

  1. While you are on a call, click on the Pause Icon to hold the call.

  2. Ready to continue? Click the Play Icon to resume the conversation.


Transfer Calls

When you're engaged in an active call, you have the option to transfer it to another contact or number. There are two distinct methods for call transfer: "Ask First" and "Transfer Now."


In the "Ask First" approach, you can first announce the caller before proceeding with the call transfer.

Transferring Calls with the "Ask First" Method:

  1. Click on the Transfer button.

  2. Use the search tool to find contacts or directly dial a number.

  3. Opt for "Ask First". Wait for the party at the receiving end (C party) to answer the call for your announcement.

  4. Use the "Hang up and transfer" button to disconnect from your current call and proceed with the transfer, or;

  5. Choose "Back to and hang up" to return to the held call without transferring.

Note: In case the C party doesn't answer or declines the call, select the "Back to and hang up" button to revert to your original call.

"Transfer Now" is the method for directly passing a call to another person without an announcement.

Transferring Calls Using "Transfer Now":

  1. Click on the Transfer button.

  2. Use the search tool to find contacts or directly dial a number.

  3. Opt for "Transfer Now".

  4. The call will be transferred to the number you've selected in step 2.


Utilize the Keypad Feature

This feature is designed to make your interactions during a call more convenient, especially when the call requires making selections (e.g., using an Auto Attendant, extension dialing, etc.).

  1. During an active call, spot the Keypad icon.

  2. Tap on the Keypad icon.

  3. Click on the desired number(s) on the dial pad.


Record Calls

Easily record and save your calls directly to your device using the App.

This feature ensures that you can capture important conversations effortlessly and have them readily available whenever you need them.

  1. During an active call, click the Record Icon to start recording the call.

  2. To stop the recording, simply click the Record Icon again.

  3. Save the recorded file on your device for future reference.


New Call

The "New Call" feature gives you the power to start a brand new call even when you're already on another call.

  1. While in an active call, click on the "New Call" button. You can use the search tool to find contacts or directly dial a number.

  2. Make the new call. As soon as you start a new call, any existing calls will be automatically put on hold.

  3. You have the option to end the new call or return to the previous one by clicking on the "End Call" button.

  4. Alternatively, you can merge both calls by clicking on the "Mergebutton.


Merge Calls

Experience the power of the Merge feature and enjoy seamless communication with multiple participants.

Now that you learned how to make a new call, we present you the new "Merge" feature, which is designed to enhance your calling experience. This feature empowers users to combine multiple active calls into a single call.

With the Merge option, you can seamlessly merge two or more active calls together.

  1. To initiate a new call, use the "New Call" feature. Alternatively, you can receive an incoming concurrent call.

  2. While you are on another call, simply click on the Merge button to merge both active calls.

  3. Once merged, all participants will be able to hear and speak to each other, creating a unified conversation.

If there are more than three people merged into a call, you can hover over the avatars and numbers to view the full names and complete numbers of the participants. This ensures you have a clear understanding of everyone involved in the call.


How to Minimize Calls

We have introduced the capability to minimize the phone window while in the midst of an active call. This feature can be accessed by utilizing the "Dock" button. When the phone window is minimized, it enters different states depending on the context.

  1. While in an active call, on the upper right corner of the keypad, click on the Dock icon.

  2. The Phone icon on the app's Main Page will transform into a green color and it will display the current call duration.

  3. To reopen the keypad, just click on the green phone icon.

In the event of two or more active calls, the Phone icon will display the number of ongoing calls instead of the call duration. This allows you to quickly ascertain the number of active conversations. You have the option to right-click, this action will reveal a menu displaying the duration and corresponding parties involved in each call.

Managing two or more active calls:

Right-click on the green phone button. You have the option to do the following actions:

a. To focus on a specific call, simply click on it from the list. The keypad will open with the selected call's tab active, allowing you to conveniently handle that particular call's functions and controls.

b. Quick Hang-Up Option: Alternatively, you can directly click on the Hang-Up icon, which replaces the profile picture when hovered over. This enables you to promptly end the selected call without navigating through additional menus or tabs.


The Presence feature allows you to check the availability status of contacts in the directory, specifically indicating if they are on a call. You can also take incoming calls using this feature.

When a user is actively on a call, a phone icon will be visibly displayed beside their name on the sidebar and within the chat page. Moreover, if the user is in the process of receiving a call, taking the incoming call is made seamless by simply clicking on the red blinking icon.

This functionality enhances the user experience by providing real-time information on the availability and call status of contacts.

Check your Call Records

Stay organized by keeping an eye on your call history within the App.

  1. Click on Activity in the upper left corner.

  2. Click on Calls in the upper right corner.

Note: Once you signed out from your account, the Call Records will no longer be available.

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