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Account Credit and Top-Up Settings

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Account Credit and Top-Up Settings

If you are on a pay-as-you-go calling plan, each call you make and each service you purchase will be deducted from your account balance. So, if your account balance is $10.00, every time you make a call this is deducted. Once you reach your specified threshold, your account can be automatically topped-up with a payment made via your saved credit card.

If you do not have your account set to automatically top-up you risk losing the ability to make outbound calls. This includes any calls that you may have forwarded to mobile numbers as these are outbound calls.

On a pre-paid calling bundle, this may not include international calls and/or calls to 13/1300 numbers. So you will need to have credit on your account to make these calls. Setting an auto top-up will ensure your credit is added to your account if you go over the calling allowance in your bundle.

We recommend setting this to ON.

  1. Select Billing.

  2. Select Manage Billing.

  3. Toggle to enable the option “Auto top up my account when my balance drops below the balance threshold.”

  4. Define the Balance ThresholdTop-up amount, and Maximum per week.

  5. Click on Save to update settings.


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